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The Gallery

Gallery of Doors

She dances with destiny through a golden gallery. This gallery is filled with doors. Each door leads to a different reality, a different version of the external conditions of lives she could live.

She opens the first door to a world of sunshine, community, healing, dance and laughter. It’s vibrancy changes her to the core. It shifts the molecular structure of her being.

The next door she chooses leads to the desert. The mountains surround her on every side, the sun brings her soul to life, the food and music make her body sing. She can feel every modicum in her body vibrate at a different frequency.

Another door is opened to a beach. The timelessness in nature. The ebb and flow of the water. A recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth.

It is in this reality that she finds a human being she didn’t know could coexist on this planet where all realities are possible. The connection of her soul to his doesn’t know, or care to comprehend, the boundaries of these realities. It is this type of connection that transcends the realities themselves.

But she’s back in the gallery. Infinite doors surround her. She doesn’t know how to get back to the man she met whose soul touched her so deeply. She feels panic, despair, and grief. She knows that connection was more than just a single reality. She feels in her soul that this connection has the power to transcend. She knows that there isn’t one right door leading straight to him. But rather, there are many doors that could eventually lead to him.

She stops, turns in a full circle, carefully examining each door. She breathes in. This breath is what she has control over. And with that, she steps forward.

She opens the door and finds herself living in the most gorgeous place she’s ever seen on Earth. She dances under the stars, she swims in the vast oceans, she climbs the tallest mountain.

But she feels a call. Hesitantly, she walks back into the gallery. It is on the beach that she hears the whispers in the wind. They sing to her a story that she has been waiting to hear. Not today, not tomorrow, but someday you will see him. The warm breeze caresses her face with the setting sun, and she feels the radiance of this connection in the wind.

Again, she is pulled back into the gallery. And this time, the voice of the Universe asks a question: Will you choose to become more than you’ve ever been? Or will you shrivel back into the realities you know? She dances on the edge of this question, alone in the gallery of infinite realities. She poses her questions to her heart and soul, and the answer emerges: The only choice is to become more of who you already are, of who you are meant to be.

She steps through the door. And this time, it’s cold and barren. She’s worried she made a mistake. How could this reality be the one in which she becomes more of who she is? She wanders through, trying to comprehend, trying to make sense of what she’s experiencing. And then it dawns on her, the only way out is through. The only way to truly become who we are meant to be is to face the darkest hour, the darkest parts of our soul that bring shame, doubt, and ugliness to the surface. Because what lies behind those things is light. And the light is who we are. This light, this fire, is what calls him.

She’s back in the golden gallery. She dances in the reflections of light. She stops and breathes in. This time, she opens the door and waits. At first there is silence and stillness. But then, in the distance, the slow beat of a song moves through the air and she remembers this rhythm. She’s heard it before, in the whispers of the wind. He appears. He steps into the gallery with her. They dance in the light. Their light.   

They join hands and smile into each other’s souls, knowing whatever door they choose next, their light, their love, has found its way back.


  1. Ronald Eger

    Very nice!!!!!!!

    • tammyeger

      Thank you so much, Dad, for reading and commenting. I love you!

  2. Robert

    Wonderful story!!

    • tammyeger

      Thank you for reading and commenting .. sound a bit familiar? I love you!

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